We try our best to do what is right. We constantly push ourselves in finding a way to do things that create better balance. Making sure that the strive for perfection does not get in the way of taking steps in the right direction. One step at a time. So far, we are proud to have developed the first environmentally friendly snus can.



All products are sold in our unique PlantCan™. It has a great feel, a perfect size. It keeps the product safe and also happens to be the first environmentally friendly snus can in the world. It’s made out of 100% plant based plastic created with pine-tree oil extracted from waste material of the forest industry.

And of course it is recyclable. Be a super hero, put your used can in the plastic recycle bin.

So far, we have managed to take some steps towards a better balance in our factory. We aim for a more sustainable way of doing things. By the way, we only drive plug in hybrid cars.

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